Graduation Matters in Greene County!  

G.E.A.R. Goals

1.  Increase the graduation rate
2.  Identify and encourage youth who’ve dropped out of school to reenter school and complete their secondary education
3.  Prevent at risk students from dropping out of school
4.  Ensure students successfully complete the 9th grade



Learning Academy Programs

  • Credit Recovery
    Students needing to recover credits
  • Tutoring
    Students needing academic assistance 
  • Advance Academy
    Students who are not yet age eligible for dual enrollment, but still want an academic challenge
  • High School Completion Program
    Students needing to complete their high school diploma by the age of 21
  • Registration
    Contact Renee Nesbitt-Evans, Learning Academy Director, at (706) 453-2271 ext. 6435

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G.E.A.R. Team

Learning Academy After School Programs
3:30 p.m. to 5:30 p.m.

Transportation and snack are provided


Credit Recovery
Advanced Academy 
HS Diploma Completion 
Report to the E-5 Lab (F-hall)

Mondays: English 

Tuesdays: Science 

Wednesdays: Mathematics 

Thursdays: Social Studies 
Mondays-Social Studies: D-24

Tuesdays-Mathematics: F-56

Wednesdays-Science: D-36

Thursdays-English: F-87
Regular attendance, notebook, pen/pencill, and a determined mind is required!


Gateway to Educational Achievement and Reengagement 


The mission of Greene County High School is to provide all students with a quality education that supports success in an ever-changing world.

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