• Fellowship of Christian Athletes
    FCA's goal is to encourage, but not limited to, coaches and athletes to use their skill and ability to glorify The Lord.
  • Greene County FCA
    Coach Lovin and all FCA participants encourage all Greene County students to gather for very inspirational and spiritual lessons every other Thursday.


  • Nolen Wood, Jr.

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    Though Nolen Wood has only been in Greene County for less than a year, he has become and active member of our community by becoming the Ga, Greene County Area Representative for Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

  • Bruce (Coach) Lovin

    Bruce (Coach) Lovin, along with practicing/teaching sports medicine and being the pastor at Bethesda Baptist Church, is the Huddle Coach for Greene County Fellowship of Christian Athletes.


The mission of Greene County High School is to provide all students with a quality education that supports success in an ever-changing world.

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